Handmade Wedding Invitations using Specialty Paper

Posted by on November 14, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Weddings are special occasions for not just the bride and the groom, but also for those attending it. Receiving a handmade wedding invite and stepping into a DIY themed wedding are also instrumental in adding that extra touch of magic. If you are a modest couple getting married this season and want to go ahead with a DIY themed wedding with not as many accessories, let us help you choose the right specialty paper for your handmade wedding invitations.

Text Paper

Handmade Wedding Invitations using Specialty Paper

Perhaps the most commonly used paper for all purposes; text paper is ideal if your handmade wedding invitation is to have layers or if you intend to print your DIY wedding invites at home. Moreover, if you intend on having multiple folds on your handmade wedding invitation, text paper would be an ideal choice.


Handmade Wedding Invitations using Specialty Paper

The most commonly used paper for wedding invitations, handmade or otherwise is cardstock. Heavier and thicker than text paper and guaranteed to give your handmade wedding invitation a professional finish, cardstock is perhaps best used with a single embellishment added atop the handmade wedding invitation. Upon deciding on the amount you would set aside for your wedding invitations and stationery, you could choose the thickness and texture of the cardstock that would best fit your budget.

Metallic Specialty Paper

Handmade Wedding Invitations using Specialty Paper

If there were a “fancy” category to handmade wedding invitations, it would most probably constitute of metallic specialty paper. Shiny, sleek and shimmery, DIY wedding invitations with metallic paper are a definite way in which you could impress your wedding guests.

The best feature about opting for specialty paper is the ability to either accessorise it using embellishments or to send it as a plain printed wedding invitation, depending on what the two of you want. While specialty paper alone is very magical, whether it is a multiple layered or folded handmade wedding invitation with text paper, a DIY wedding invite using cardstock complete with an embellishment of your choice or even an invitation using specialty paper, adding DIY accessories to the handmade wedding invite is perhaps the icing on the cake.

First things first however, decide on a wedding colour or theme, work on a budget followed by a guest list and then start choosing your specialty paper, accessories and other wedding stationery you intend on using.

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Layered Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

Posted by on November 3, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

You might be a simple and modest couple who do not want to opt for anything too fancy or elaborate, but what’s not to love about layered handmade wedding invitations? Layered DIY wedding invites are perfect for any wedding as they suit any theme or requirement whether it is simple, modest, classy, glamorous, elegant or luxurious that you are looking for.

Allow us to guide you through a few options that we think would be suitable for any couple tying the knot and want to opt for DIY wedding invitations.

Classic DIY Wedding Invites

Layered Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

At times the most modest monochrome DIY wedding invitations are often termed “classic” not because they are simplistic in nature, but because they exuberate sophistication. Layered handmade wedding invitation styles include a half-and-half solid black and white layout or a slightly more elaborate DIY wedding invitation with a delicate trim or ribbon across the paper secured by an embellishment.

Shiny DIY Wedding Invites

Layered Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

The opposite of a “classic DIY wedding invite”, the shiny ones are all about creating a statement. Think sequins, glitter and sprinkles on DIY wedding invitations and stationery, funfetti on cupcakes and shiny embellishments on wedding favours.

Framed DIY Wedding Invites

Layered Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

Framed DIY wedding invites would include a simple DIY wedding invitation with text in the middle framed by an elaborate border in a contrasting colour. If that is too simple, jazz it up by placing a brooch or an accessory on the DIY wedding invitation.

Elegant DIY Wedding Invites

Layered Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

If your wedding is all about luxury, glamour and elegance be sure to opt for bold colours such as blue or black for your elegant layered handmade wedding invitation. Since you are out to make a statement of elegance, don’t be afraid to add that shiny brooch atop your DIY wedding invitation.

The options for layered handmade wedding invitations are endless. First, it is important to decide on wedding colours, themes and clearly the amount you would want to spend on DIY wedding invitations, stationery, decorations and wedding favours. Afterwards, things become relatively easy as it comes down meeting designers, exploring and discovering new ideas and finalising on designs.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the both of you. Be sure to have one that is truly one of a kind by opting for a layered handmade wedding invitation that brings out the personalities of the both of you.

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Rustic Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

Posted by on October 25, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

To add to your country wedding, with a small number of carefully handpicked guests and an even smaller bridal party all you require are handmade wedding invitations. Carefully designed and personalised by you and your little elves, handmade wedding invites are the perfect way to blend in a bit of “home” to your picturesque wedding.


Rustic Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

Handmade wedding invitations are a treat for any wedding guest as they accompany a sense of homeliness. DIY wedding invitations made using recycled or kraft paper are beautiful as they are made to cater to not only the personalities of the bride and groom but more often than not have an inspirational story that accompanies it.


Handmade wedding invitations are also very simplistic and convey a sense of delicate naivety. A handmade wedding invite that is simple will also be a great cost-saving factor if you are either working on a budget wedding or have agreed to prioritise other expenses as part of your wedding budget.


Rustic Handmade Wedding Invitation Styles

Handmade wedding invites with subtle rustic elements are perfect if you are keen on trying to mediate between being a Glamorous Gloria or a Plain Jane. The subtle rustic patterns on the handmade wedding invitation are perfect if you want to have a just a bit of sophistication to jazz up your wedding stationery. To make prettier your handmade wedding invitations with a subtle rustic pattern running on the borders of the invite, be sure to have a delicate lace running along the sides of your handmade wedding invitation.


Perhaps an underrated factor, but handmade wedding invitations are very genuine as well. The rustic elements on the handmade wedding invitations are a great feature if you want to add that extra sentiment, extra sincerity, to your DIY wedding invitation.

If rustic, simple and handmade wedding invitations are what you are looking for, it is always a good idea to opt for DIY wedding invitations. Handmade wedding invitations work well if you are working around a very tight budget or if you are in a rush for time in planning your wedding or if you just want to have a simple family and close friends-only wedding. Another feature that makes handmade wedding invitations a good option is the range of DIY wedding stationery and wedding themes it complements. Upon receiving their handmade wedding invitations, you guests would no doubt feel at home and further would bring with them a bit of celebration and colour to light up your special occasion.

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Handmade Wedding Invitation Trends

Posted by on October 25, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade wedding invitations are a delightful way in which you can not only put your creativity into test, but also opt out to have a wedding of your own that is truly one of a kind. The first step towards creating your unique DIY wedding invitation is to select and order your paper stock online. Unless you choose to work on the typography yourself, including this in your order would save more time to work on a truly one of a kind handmade wedding invite.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trend: Lace

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trends

A touch of lace on anything ranging from a DIY wedding invite to lingerie always adds that extra feeling of sensuality and more importantly, adds that personal touch. Having the same lace added to your handmade wedding invitation that would also be used on the bridal gown would not only make your DIY wedding invite look splendid but also very elegant. Another option would be to add a bit of doily to your handmade wedding invitation or the box or envelope it contains.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trend: Pearls

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trends

One of the best ways to complement off-white lace on a DIY wedding invitation is to top it off with a few pearls delicately inserted to one side. The handmade wedding invitation would entail more elegance and class and the two add-ons could also be used on other wedding stationery as well.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trend: Ribbons

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trends

If the handmade wedding invitation has a few delicately placed pearls or intricate damask patterns embossed to it, securing the DIY wedding invite or the envelope or box with a ribbon is another trend that could be used to get creative. The colour of the ribbon could either be the chosen wedding colour or even a complementing shade of white, gold or silver and can also be used on other wedding stationery as well.

Handmade Wedding Invitation Trend: Handwritten

If you and your partner are of the artsy-crafty type and have a flair for either calligraphy, illustrations, sketching or have access to plenty of hands who do, all you need to jazz up your handmade wedding invitation is to pick out the colour, paper stock, get the basic text printed and then allow the magic to take place. Depending on economical and time factors and the number of guests being invited, you could also opt to handwrite on the DIY wedding invitation as well.

Regardless of the type of handmade wedding invitation trend you opt for, atDIY wedding invitations are nothing short of personal and would be genuinely appreciated by all guests alike.

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Creative Wedding Invitations

Posted by Cedric on August 18, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

He popped the question, she said yes and now it’s time to plan the wedding of their dreams. One of the first things any couple does when planning out their wedding is to work on the budget. If the couple is on a tight budget or they just want to do something different for their wedding, handmade wedding invitations and stationery are always a great idea.

To get on board with creating your very own handmade wedding invitations all you need would be card or paper stock to match your wedding colour or theme, your favourite crafts that would be used for detailing and helping hands.

Handmade Wedding Invites: Choosing Card Stock

Handmade Wedding Invitations Creative Wedding Invitations

Depending on how much you have allocated for your invitations and stationery, any handmade wedding invite begins with the paper or card stock. These could be easily purchased to match your wedding colour or theme and if you are on budget, it is advisable that a paper stock of lesser thickness or gsm value and easily printable texture is chosen. Even for those opting for handmade wedding invitations, printing on leather embossed texture is far more expensive than an average pearlescent stock.

Handmade Wedding Invites: Choosing the Detailing

Handmade Wedding Invitations Creative Wedding Invitations

Upon deciding on the card stock, it’s easy to go over the top with the embellishments that would be used to create your handmade wedding invite. It is therefore important to decide on what detailing would be used and how.

One of the best ways in which this can be addressed is by using material or crafts that would be used for the wedding. Would the bride’s gown have intricate pearls on it? If so try to look for a lesser quality pearl and use it to create a handmade wedding invitation. Other embellishments to complement your handmade wedding invitation could also include sequins, pressed flowers, snippets of what would be used as a theme at your wedding, such as sand or token seashells to indicate a beach wedding or even have unique elements that best describes the bride and the groom.

The detailing is not the not the only ingredient that adds sentiment to a handmade wedding invitation, but also the process of creating one. Each homemade and handmade wedding invitation would require the deft hands of not only the bride, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, grandmothers and all the ladies from the neighbourhood thereby resulting in a joyous moment of sisterhood.

The best thing about handmade wedding invitations is that you could be sure that your guests would indeed keep it with them for a number of years. The intricate detailing and the time spent on creating each handmade wedding invite would no doubt leave a trace of importance and gratitude in the mind of each and every guest that attends your wedding.

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Hardcover Wedding Invitations

Posted by Cedric on July 3, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Have you wracked your brain to figure out how your wedding is going to stand out against all the other weddings that you’ve attended? A handmade wedding is just the thing for you, because it’ll be unique to your tastes and likes. The first thing you can work on will be your handmade wedding invitations. DIY weddings are taking the world by storm, because it’s a fun way to plan a wedding, and with the right look for your handmade wedding invitations, the rest of your wedding can follow suit and make a great impression amongst all your family, friends and other invitees.

DreamDay Invitations Hardcover Wedding Invitations Designs

So, what is one of the more popular choices of handmade wedding invitations these days, you ask? It’s the hardcover wedding invitations type, where you utilise a cardstock cover with a flat insert pasted on the right inside flap and possibly even a pocket insert on the left inside flap. The front of the hardcover is adorned as to your liking, with various styles of layers using card stock or speciality wedding paper. You can also opt to go minimalistic, with a simple speciality paper band or a satin ribbon band, embellished with a brooch, cluster or buckle. The great thing about this design is you style it at will, whether your personal taste is elegance, contemporary or a mix & match of kitsch.

If you favour an elegant handmade wedding invitation, then choose one colour and use various shades in the design, from the cardstock, the satin ribbon and the embellishment to add a touch of bling.  Either the positioning of the ribbon and buckle/brooch can be centred horizontally or top/bottom aligned, even vertically placed on the left to accompany the bone of the cover or right aligned to the edge, the choice is up to you.

However, if modern is more up your alley, there are so many styles, designs and layouts you can choose from. One such idea is with layered handmade wedding invitations, where you use card stock in complementing colours, prints, speciality wedding paper (such as embossed, flocked, foiled papers) and add them on in layers to line/border or create an illusion of depth with your other wedding invitation elements. Consider this look, a square hardcover invitation card with an inset that features the names of the bride and groom with a pearl embellishment in between the two, and layers paving the way to the edge of the card. You can border the inset layer with a coloured paper, and then feature an embossed print design for the next layer, and then another border layer as before. The possibilities are endless as the sizing of these layers, and their placement is up to you.

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Weddings and Invitations with Trendy Motifs

Posted by Cedric on June 4, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Thinking of creating something beautiful and trendy for your DIY wedding? Are you brainstorming for ideas? Let us throw in a suggestion of doing up your handmade wedding invitations, stationery and decor accents to feature trendy motifs. We have some great ideas and styles you to consider when doing up your handmade wedding, invitations & stationery, and not forgetting the beautiful DIY decor too!

DIY Invitations Dandelion Motif Wedding Inspiration

A motif is decorative image or design; it can be repeated to form a pattern or can stand on its own. Popular wedding motifs are many, and then range and differ according to the styles of choice and personality of the bridal couple. Some include line drawings, religious designs, but you can also include flourishes and symbolic elements too. You could feature doves, the Japanese symbols for Double Happiness, palm trees, seashells, hearts and more. You could even feature something simple like an ‘ampersand’ symbol snuggled between the names of the bride and groom.  Whatever your theme may be, all you need to do is a pick a design, shape or drawing that jumps out and you and symbolises something in your lives.

Now, when you go about using the motif for your handmade wedding, you would probably start off with the handmade wedding invitations, and then later your handmade wedding stationery. First off, you’ll need to figure out how many people you’d like to invite, and add a 10%-20% buffer just in case of mishaps while creating the invitation or last minute additions to the guest list. Then you’ll need to draft a few ideas of what you’d like the design to be in terms of shape, style and layout, as well as, where you are planning on positioning your motif too.  You can opt to draw in the design with pen, pencils or watercolour, you could even cut out a silhouette (either by hand or cutter), or even make it stand out with embossing or engraving it yourself (with the help of a stencil or stamp).

The same motif and method of styling used for the handmade wedding invitations can be used for the wedding stationery too. But when it comes to the wedding decor, you might need to acquire other materials or card stock to use as the base of the decor when transferring the design. You cut out the motif design in card stock and pin all sorts of materials to it, be it metallic, paper art or even flowers. Take the “Fleur de Lis”; wouldn’t it look beautiful hung at the entrance to the venue in roses or chrysanthemums? Think out of the box as to how to use your motif in fun and exciting way that would make your guests exclaim how clever you are, whether it’s the handmade wedding invitations & stationery, the decor and even the favours (if you are opting for cupcakes or couture cookies).

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Handmade Weddings with DIY Wedding Invitations

Posted by Cedric on May 21, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Anything handmade is usually a treasured keepsake. These are the same attributes that make handmade wedding invitations so special. Many brides-to-be get overwhelmed just by the very thought of handmade invitations. We are here to help so don’t lose heart! There is no boundary for the beauty and creativity you can achieve on your special day. Wedding invitations are an interesting part of the ‘Big Day’. They are the first thing that people see as a representation of your union, and your personality. Most couples like to save money on your wedding invitations and yet have lovely invites that will impress guests who receive them.

DIY Invitations Embossed Wedding Papers and Diamante Brooches

Once you have the general idea of the look and feel you would like to achieve through your invite, narrow down the tone of the event as a whole (classic, traditional, modern-chic, elegant or themed) then decide on colour schemes and the budget allocation. The budget allocation is an essential and important part in the process of making DIY invitations. An early decision on investments on components and the purchase list will help get you started. However, remember being penny-wise and pound-foolish is not worth the effort. So invest in proper high quality utensils such as paper trimmers and high quality card stock to avoid wastage and to save time. Our simple suggestion is, if there is something out there to make your life simpler, use it! These usually range from top of the line glue guns to fancy borders that will save you time and money in the long run.

Now comes the fun part, the embellishments, these add that extra sparkle that really make your handmade wedding invitation unique. Combine a few elements for a contemporary feel or choose focal pieces where less means more. Ribbons always add a bit of glamour while lace is always fashionable and not to mention, pearls are always the epitome of elegance.

When it comes to DIY invitations, a layered invitation always give that extra touch of class combining different paper stocks of different sizes and textures to enhance the design. We suggest combining a card stock of shimmer or glitter with a simple matte paper stock to achieve the contrast. Play with different typefaces to achieve the desired look. Your choices are endless with hardcover invitations they are the height of sophistication and elegance.

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Buying Handmade Wedding Invitations Materials Online

Posted by Cedric on May 8, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Making a splash and going against the grain are the hallmarks of today’s style-savvy, wedding-planning couples. Every wedding is a unique snapshot of a one-of-a-kind love, as it narrates the journey of two different souls merging into one path. No two couples are alike in terms of interests, emotions, backgrounds, favourite music, preferred movies, and the list goes on. Modern couples are thus taking the initiative to spotlight their special connection via their wedding planning efforts. Obviously, this includes creating the perfect handmade wedding invitation that will delight all those honoured to receive it, so here are a few ideas to get you started!

DIY Invitations Embossed Speciality Paper and Faux Diamante Embellishment Accessories

Handmade Wedding Invites: Clicks in Time!

The internet is a wedding planner’s heaven, as you can find everything you need with a few clicks of the mouse. Remember that Google is your best friend when you’re searching for the materials that will make your handmade wedding invitations leave a lasting memory on your guests. Many websites offer you the chance of ordering pre-made wedding invitations that you can tailor to your specifications, which include beautiful font types, exciting colour schemes, various additional accessories, and more. Online sites will also offer you the chance of ordering samples of a few of your favourite selections at great prices, and some sites will even offer free samples if you order a certain amount.

Read, Research, Be Inspired!

The best place to start investigating your options for handmade wedding invitations are perusing what are known as “list-icles”. These are an author’s favourite selection of items, accompanied by pictures and short little blurbs for wedding planners on the go who want a snap shot of what’s hot. When you browse the net using keywords such as “unique handmade wedding invites” or simply “handmade wedding invitations”, you will find a lot of resources about how to think about designing your invites, the materials you might want to use, and ways to think outside the box.

Couples are even choosing handmade wedding invitations that are circular in shape, or those that use fabric such as linen for an unexpected yet unique final effect. You will encounter a wide selection of cardstock options, as well as pre-made wedding cards that feature photo spaces into which you can insert lovely snapshots of you and your sweetie. So, to create the most memorable handmade wedding invites, remember that the internet is the first place you should start looking into for inspiration!


Handmade Wedding Invitations with Paper Quills & Rosettes

Posted by Cedric on May 5, 2014 in Handmade Wedding Invitations

Get arts and craftsy when designing your wedding invitations and plunge into a world of colour, innovation, and charm! Dress up your simple handmade wedding invitations with some tasteful paper rosettes and quills for a dash of whimsy that will impress all your recipients. These innovative embellishments are a popular option in handmade wedding invites and are very, very simple to create by hand. So read on for some super ideas on how to incorporate some beautifully intricate paper quills and rosettes on your handmade wedding invitations for a delightful final effect!

DIY Invitations Paper Quill Art and Rosettes

Paper Quills & Rosettes Made Easy

When you walk into any arts & crafts shop, you will be greeted by row upon row of beautiful handmade cards that feature the intricate spirals of paper quills gracing the exteriors. However, this final effect is yours to discover with a little patience! The first step is to draw the design you fancy by hand, so that you can keep track of how many paper quills you will need. When you are choosing the type of paper you will be using for the quills, remember that the stiffer the paper, the better the individual quills will maintain their shape until you glue them to the card.

Paper rosettes are even easier to make, especially if you wanted to keep it simple. The most basic rosette design involves folding colourful pieces of paper into half-moon fans and then gluing two of these together by the ends. You can even top the centre of these rosettes with some gorgeous embellishments such as pearls or other colourful buttons that will add a gleam of elegance to your handmade wedding invitations!

Handmade Wedding Invitations Online

Browse around online if you want inspiration on creating the most mesmerising handmade wedding invitations that feature the delightful touches of paper quills and rosettes. The most popular paper quill designs come in the form of simple coiled spirals and intricate flowers, although you will find other innovative shapes such as hearts, teardrops, half-moons, stars, and petals as well.

And if you simply have no patience for creating your own handmade wedding invitations from scratch or fussing with paper, scissors, and gum, a lot of online companies feature some beautiful pre-made cards for a handmade finish of the highest quality! Simple google a few key terms such as “handmade wedding invitations paper quills” and let the internet spin a web of imagination and innovation!

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